This is the About Page of iA4, an ultra-minimalist WordPress Theme by iA. It comes in one font and one font size, without any colors or decoration. It's free, but you know what people say about stuff that is free. Do not download this theme if you need more than a Home, Portfolio and About page.

“You’ve removed the site’s essence.”
—a beta tester

Touted as a cheap way to access iA design, it even looks a bit like our old website. But you really should think thrice before downloading iA4.

“You’re breaking all your own principles with this one.”
—the same beta tester

It took us more than five years to come up with something that “looks like Microsoft Word circa 1997” (the beta tester).

—still the same beta tester

…this is how angry we made that guy. You have been warned. If you are still crazy and really want to waste your precious time on a template with one font, one font size, and almost no features, then… no, please do not download it.